The 60 Most Popular Books to Discover Indian Railways

Indian Railways Books

In this article, I am going to list down the top 60 books that will help you discover Indian Railways, the 4th largest rail network in the world (Source: Wiki). Indian Railways occupies an important place in the history of modern India. Not only did it help leaders like Mahatma Gandhi travel across the country but visualizing a nation as great as India became easier because of the railways. So, without much ado, let’s get started. #1. Indian Railways – A Visual Journey: Transforming a Nation’s Destiny Author: DK Get Your Copy Now #2. A Short History of Indian Railways

Guest Post: 8 Unique & Exciting Things to Experience in Dubai

Unique & Exciting Things to Experience in Dubai

You thought it, Dubai has already got it! Unafraid of experiments and flaunting the quirkiest engineering, Dubai has set its foot forward in meeting not just expectations of the tourists, but also their unbelievable imaginations and dreams. Besides the big names as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and IMG Worlds of Adventure, some lesser-known unique attractions deserve the same applause and attention. Here is a compilation of 8 fantastic spots and hidden gems that you can hunt with your Dubai tourist visa and create amazing memories. #1. Spend a Day at Al Qudra Lake Oasis Swap the skyscraper and clamor of

Away We Go On Our Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 2

Gandhidham Railway Station

To read Part 1 of the 2019 annual rail pilgrimage series, please click here. 2 days of our trip had passed and we were thankful to the almighty for treating us to some pure Alco action. While Punjab provided us with Vitamin G (Greenery), Rajasthan, this time, provided us with Vitamin R (Rains) and that too in excess. Just a week before our trip was to commence, there were heavy torrential rains in Kutch and Rajasthan which lead to flash floods and, as a result of which, all the trains were either canceled or short terminated at various stations en

Away We Go On Our Annual Rail Pilgrimage – Part 1

Jodhpur Railway Station

Right from my childhood, trains have been my fascination and whenever an opportunity arises, I try my best to sneak in a quick ride. Sometimes, things fall in place but sometimes….. Well…Read on… The Annual Rail Pilgrimage 2018 was a roller coaster ride with Rajeev Nair, Ganesh Iyer, the young Chechu mama, and yours truly covering close to 5 Indian states and riding on the fastest and slowest trains on Indian Railways. So, once the four of us were back from our trip, the WhatsApp group that we are a part of, started buzzing with dream-itineraries, train and flight schedules,

25 Best All-Time Travel Books to Exploring India


Being the 7th largest country by area and the 2nd most populous country in the world, India is vast and diverse. With a cultural history spanning more than 4,500 years, India is notable for its religious diversity, with Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, and Jainism among the nation’s major religions. All these numbers (and more on Wikipedia), can be overwhelming and it can be really hard to find out where to start your trip from or what routes or mode of transport to take if you plan on traveling to India. In this post, I have listed out the top

Top 10 Most Scenic, Thrilling, & Beautiful Rail Routes in India


When it comes to traveling within India, there’s no mode of transport that comes anywhere close to the mighty Indian Railways. Covering the length and breadth of the nation, IR (Indian Railways) is one of the world’s largest rail networks connecting the east to the west and north to the south. An apt combination of speed, efficiency, safety, and comfort, Indian Railways has played a vital role in uniting people without any discrimination. The pleasure of being on a train, gazing at beautiful landscapes, meeting different people, tasting a wide variety of local food and beverages, etc. is exciting as well

The 11 Must Have Travel Accessories for 2019

Traveling can be exciting, energizing, and fun. However, it can also be frustrating, boring, and exhausting if not planned the right way. So, whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, you can control or at least (to an extent) minimize many of the inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparation and by having the right travel accessories. There are products out there that can make your life or rather your journey comfortable and a majority of them require minimal investment. So, once you’re at your destination, you can hit the ground running. Here then is a list of top 11

Travel Hassle-Free With URBY Wanderlust Leather Passport Holders

urby passport holder

Whether you’re on a quick weekend getaway or a short vacation or hiking through the Amazon rainforests, it’s important to keep your travel documents in a safer and easily accessible place. If your cash is stolen, you can request people or fellow travelers to help you out. If you lose any travel accessory such as a memory card, you can still purchase a new one but what if you lose your passport, the most important travel document. You would obviously not want to ruin your vacation by running around embassies, right? A leather passport holder may seem like a luxury

The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 4: The Final Frontier

The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 1: The Planning The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 2: Jet, Set, Go The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 3: A Ride Back in Time After a good night sleep, we all woke up fully refreshed the next day. Finished our morning chores and all of us sat down to have breakfast which was complimentary. We ordered each and every item from the limited breakfast menu.  Tummies full, we then got ready and proceeded to go to Gwalior railway station to catch our train to Motijheel. Reached around 09:10 AM and took the FOB to reach the

The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 3: A Ride Back in Time

The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 1: The Planning The Annual Rail Pilgrimage: Part 2: Jet, Set, Go The mobile alarm went off exactly at 03:45 AM and I quickly checked with GI if he was awake. After a positive reply, I finished my morning chores. We checked out of the hotel at 05:00 AM and booked an Uber to New Delhi railway station. The roads were deserted and within 15 minutes we were at platform 16 of New Delhi railway station.  Taking the foot overbridge, we came to platform 1 where our train 12002 New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Exp. was expected.