About Me

Hi. My name is Mohammed Zeeshan Fatmi.

I am a Digital Marketer, a railfan, an aviation geek, a blogger, a reader, and a father to a cute 2-year-old boy named Zidan. 

I was fascinated by trains right from my childhood. My first memories of a train ride date back to 1991-92 when I first traveled from Adipur to Jodhpur via Bhildi on the Bhuj – Palanpur/Palanpur – Jodhpur MG (meter-gauge) Exp. Jodhpur was where my maternal grandparents used to stay and the visits became more frequent as the years progressed.

Most of my childhood was thus either spent at Jodhpur or Bhagat Ki Kothi railway stations. I also had the privilege to see the Palace Queen in its MG avatar at Jodhpur railway station. 

Over the years, I have covered a vast portion of Indian Railways traveling on some well-known and famous trains like – the Gomti Exp., the Pink City Exp., the legendary Kalka – Howrah Mail., the Karnavati Exp., the Bangalore Mail., the Chetak Exp., the Suryanagri Exp., Bangalore – Delhi Raj and many more. 

Every year around August/September, I undertake an annual rail pilgrimage wherein I try to cover a lot of inferior gauges spread over IR.

Coming to aviation, I love spotting and tracking planes, flying new airlines, as well as visiting new airports. 

Other than the above 2 hobbies, I like to read and blog about my travels. Of late, I have also ventured into product reviews and affiliate marketing to grow my blog.

A little bit about myself – I have a Master’s in Business Administration degree from Jain University, Bangalore as well as a B.E. degree from Vishveswaraya Technological University. I am currently employed at Maximizer Ventures Pvt. Ltd. where I work as a Key Account Manager.