Plane Spotting Between Chennai & Singapore

Plane Spotting at Changi Airport, Singapore

While on my return trip from Singapore to Chennai, I had a chance to indulge in a bit of plane spotting at Changi Airport Terminal T2 (Read about my visit to Changi Airport and the Sats Premier Lounge). Here’re some of the pictures I managed to click during my flight back home. Plane Spotting at Changi Airport, T2 – Boarding had just been announced and I managed to click this while walking towards the aircraft on the aerobridge. Plane Spotting at Changi Airport, T2 – While we wait to taxi to the runway, a Singapore Airlines Boeing awaits further instructions while

A Visit to Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi Airport, Singapore

Back in April 2017, I had a chance to visit the world renowned and world’s best Changi Airport, Singapore. Though I could not click many pictures since I was not sure if photography is really allowed at the airport, I did manage to take a few shots before I boarded my flight back to India. Here’re some shots of my Indigo flight 6E-52 from Singapore to Chennai. Since I checked in almost 2 hrs prior to my flight, I also managed to visit the Sats Premier Lounge located at Changi Airport, Terminal 2. I have a priority pass membership and thought